How to Use Heat Moldable Insoles: DIY Custom Orthotics

PowerStep Heat Moldable insoles top and bottom

Find the Perfect Fit with PowerStep® Heat Moldable Insoles

Custom orthotics are expensive, ranging from $300 to $800 a pair and they take three to five weeks to make. Did you know you can get the same personalized support of custom insoles at an affordable price and be fitted in minutes?

PowerStep Heat Moldable insoles are an affordable, over-the-counter orthotic from the #1 brand recommended by podiatrists to relieve and prevent foot pain. They conform to your individual arch shape, giving you the support you need with an exact fit. Using our heat moldable orthotics is easy and you can find relief from many common foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

What are heat moldable inserts?

Heat moldable inserts are a type of shoe insole that can be custom fit to your feet without the need of a secondary mold. Instead, you warm them in an oven or, for some, heat them naturally by walking with them in your shoes. Think of them like a DIY mouth guard versus one you get at a dentist’s office, only they are much easier to mold.

They provide the ideal amount of orthotic arch support for those struggling with plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, heel pain, and hip, knee or back pain associated with poor alignment.

How do heat moldable insoles work?

PowerStep Heat Moldable insoles use quality materials and technology to provide a personalized fit for low, standard, and high arches. The bottom of the insole includes a heat moldable EVA layer for custom, anatomically correct arch support. The deep heel cradle adds stability while two layers of plush, heat moldable cushioning allows for maximum comfort from heel to toe.

While enhancing comfort, stabilizing the foot, and improving alignment, the insoles also help give you better foot function and may reduce your chance of having back, knee, or hip pain. They are designed to help correct problems with overpronation and supination, and limit excess stress on your feet, ankles, joints, and tendons.

Overall, PowerStep Heat Moldable insoles do the same job of a custom orthotic minus the hefty price tag and all that time spent waiting for them to be made. Instead, you can get trusted relief sooner for less.

Illustration depicting the layers of PowerStep Heat Moldable insoles

How to Use PowerStep Heat Moldable Insoles

Use your PowerStep moldable insoles by first testing them out in a pair of shoes, then warming them in an oven according to the following instructions. You should be wearing socks, as after the insoles are heated, you will need to place them in your shoes and step inside.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for using PowerStep Heat Moldable insoles:

1. Preheat oven or toaster oven to 225° F
2. Select a pair of shoes to use for insole molding. Loosen the shoes and remove the padded factory insoles or inserts.
3. Test fit the PowerStep® Heat Moldable insoles in the shoes. Notice how RIGHT or LEFT is written on the bottom of each insole. Position the insole as far back towards the heel as possible. Insoles can be trimmed for a better fit, using the shoe's original insoles as a guide.
4. Heat ONE insole at a time. Place the insole on the middle rack with the fabric side face up and the black temperature tab facing outward. After 1 minute and 30 seconds, check the color of the temperature tab.
5. Remove the insole when the black temperature tab turns red. The insole will be warm to the touch. If the black temperature tab has not turned red after 1 minute and 30 seconds, leave the insole in the oven for 15 seconds until the temperature tab turns red. This may take up to 5 minutes. Do not overheat.
6. Quickly place the insole into your shoe after ensuring the shoe is plenty loosened.
7. Wearing socks, place your foot in the shoe with your knees slightly bent. Your other foot should be on the ground or inside the other shoe. Stand on the insole for one minute to set.
8. Repeat the process with the second insole.

PowerStep Heat Moldable orthotics are remoldable. You can remold them up to five times before you should replace them with a new pair. It is possible to mold the insoles through body heat to an extent, however we recommend using the oven method as this is most accurate.

PowerStep Heat Moldable Insoles vs Custom Orthotics

What makes PowerStep Heat Moldable insoles better than custom orthotics and other heat moldable inserts? PowerStep is the #1 podiatrist-recommended brand for relieving and preventing pain from a variety of foot conditions. Our heat moldable insoles for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and more were specifically designed to support all arch types including low, neutral, and high.

PowerStep heat moldable shoe inserts are ready to mold as soon as you receive them, so you don’t have to go through the entire molding process then wait weeks to get your orthotics. All PowerStep orthotic insoles are FSA/HSA eligible, so you can continue to save on affordable, perfect fit insoles.

Man sitting on steps outside and placing blue insole into black shoe

Other FAQs About Heat Moldable Orthotics

If you are new to using our heat moldable insoles or wondering whether you need one of our other orthotics, read the following questions:

What shoes can I wear with them?

Ideally, you want to wear your insoles in shoes with which the factory insoles can be removed. They were designed for athletic shoes including running and walking shoes as well as work, casual, and dress shoes.

How do I care for heat moldable insoles?

Spot clean your insoles with a mild detergent as needed. Do not immerse them in water. Allow them to air dry completely before placing them back in your shoes. Heat moldable insoles are not machine washable.

How long do heat moldable shoe inserts last?

Most PowerStep insoles last at least six months or longer depending on wear, usage, and activity level. When the top fabric on your insoles becomes significantly worn or you feel any reduction in support, it is time to replace them.

What kind of conditions can heat moldable insoles help?

Heat moldable orthotic insoles help stabilize and align the feet to help relieve and prevent pain from overpronation, mild to moderate pronation, or supination along with the problems caused by these conditions such as:

PowerStep has a variety of orthotic insoles to help relieve and prevent foot pain from different conditions. Our PowerStep PULSE® orthotic insoles are ideal for those with an active lifestyle as well as runners looking for relief from foot pain while running. We also have Pinnacle® Wide insoles for those who need arch support for wide feet as well as corrective orthotics like Pinnacle® Maxx Support for overpronation.

Man placing blue wide fit insole into black shoe

Use PowerStep Heat Moldable Insoles for an Exact Fit Orthotic

The best heat moldable insoles by PowerStep deliver an exact fit for low, standard, and high arches. Once molded to your feet, our perfect fit insoles are ready to wear in your shoes. If you have other questions about PowerStep Heat Moldable orthotics or any of our other insoles, please reach out to customer service at