PowerStep bridge® - The Innovation of Adaptable Arch Support

Those who have a pair of the PowerStep bridge® insoles in their shoes know that these shoe inserts have something special going on. Let's take a glance at the construction to see what we're so excited about:

PowerStep bridge™ - The Innovation of Adaptable Arch Support

PowerStep's Energize foam is a game-changer, giving 55% energy return with every step and amazing impact absorption and rebound. An added layer of memory foam gives this insole a luxurious dose of comfort. The stabilizing heel cups and dependable arch support inserts are key features of this insole that make it more than a game-changer, but a life-changer. Conditions like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuromas, even just generally achy feet, soon become a thing of the past. But the thing that really makes these memory foam insoles step away from the shelf of comfort insoles is the innovation of an Adaptable Arch Support.

To get to the bottom of what makes this adaptable arch so comfortable while also being supportive to so many different foot types and arch heights, we went straight to the PowerStep Innovation Team. When asked about the PowerStep bridge Insole, the passion that lies just beneath the surface was allowed to shine, and it's obvious that this is something to be proud of!

"What it comes down to is how we engineered the new shell for the bridge product. The shell’s shape is modeled using the known and trusted architecture of the PowerStep shell. We knew we wanted to add both comfort and adaptability to this shell – so we created these 3 windows or apertures – in specific regions to help with cushioning. Most notably underneath the heel strike. These shapes of the apertures were well thought out and positioned to simultaneously play a key role into the shell’s adaptability."

PowerStep bridge adaptable arch support insoles - arch support insert and heel cup cutaways in specific locations to allow the energize foam to be thicker and uninterrupted in its function of absorbing shock and rebounding impact.

As displayed by the image above, the windows, or apertures, are cut into the familiar PowerStep arch support inserts & heel cups in specific locations to allow the energize foam to be thicker and uninterrupted in its function of absorbing shock and rebounding impact.

One may think the removal of material from the arch support inserts might decrease the arch support's functionality. It turns out nothing could be further from the truth! The apertures cut out of the shell were not only by design in location on the foot, but also by design in shape - that is, the remaining "support beams" that form the connection from the outside edge of the arch support insert to the inside edge do so with intended placement. More from our Innovation Team:

"The shell is built similar to how bridges are designed to take specific loads in certain areas and transfer stress/energy. The portion directly under the arch (medial side) has two cross beams essentially that lead over to the other side (lateral side). These cross beams help to support the arch area while also taking some of the stress from the foot pressing down."

PowerStep bridge adaptable arch support insoles - These cross beams help to support the arch area while also taking some of the stress from the foot pressing down.

So we're beginning to get a glimpse at the functional design behind this insole, seeing how the intention behind the cut-aways in the arch support inserts and heel cups allow for increased comfort and boosting the performance of the energize foam, but also creating arch support borrowing from the geometric intricacies similar to the design behind a suspension bridge. Hence the name, PowerStep bridge®!

"This mechanism essentially works by allowing the arch portion to offload some of the energy through to the support beams – allowing the arch shape to flex or compress if needed – while still delivering support via the cross support beams. The arch isn’t just collapsing. The arch shape is adjusting but the support beams are still holding that adapted shape in place and supporting the arch."

PowerStep bridge adaptable arch support insoles - the arch portion can flex and somewhat conform to the user’s arch – the arch is flexing but NOT giving out.

"What this means is that the arch portion can flex and somewhat conform to the user’s arch – the arch is flexing but NOT giving out. It is still providing arch support but not as stiff support as our full shells are known for. The flexed/compressed shell is still pushing and supporting up against the person’s arch providing support. The offloading of stress from the arch also helps the parts to retain the known and trusted overall shape"

By harnessing the physics behind these support beams and seeing how they help control the amount of flex while keeping a reliable support that doesn't collapse under pressure, PowerStep has accomplished no small feat. Due to the adaptable arch support insert, PowerStep bridge memory foam insoles work great for all arch heights. If you use insoles for flat feet, the PowerStep bridge arch support will compress but retain support for the low arch support insole user. On the other hand, If you use high arch insoles, the PowerStep bridge will compress less and deliver arch support to the high arch insole user. If you do not need insoles for flat feet or high arch insoles, but have a neutral height arch, the PowerStep bridge memory foam insoles will compress slightly and continue providing arch support at the optimal height.

We took the theory to the test—literally! By using third-party testing facilities, along with use trials and focus groups, PowerStep's Innovation Team successfully created this amazing comfort insole with the innovative Adaptable Arch Support.

In conclusion, we ask why is the adaptable arch support such an important thing? How is this better than using a one-size-fits-all comfort insole we can find at any store?

"In theory, this would train the user’s foot to actually start adapting to more full support. The shell can properly support a range of arch heights through its engineered ability to both simultaneously flex and support."


Too long, didn't read: 

The shell is built in a support structure that helps to transfer the load of the user’s arch and allows for calculated and controlled flex that will properly support the arch without discomfort to the wearer. In time it should help to train your foot to accept the proper arch shape.

PowerStep bridge—where comfort and support meet for lasting pain relief.