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From Over the Counter Insoles to PowerStep Orthotics

Orthotic insoles aren’t just for athletes or extreme runners training for a marathon or ultramarathon. In fact, insoles work wonders for every day heroes like a nurse who works a 12-hour workday or a businessman who is stuck in constricted business shoes all day. And for one Every Day Hero, PowerStep’s orthotic insoles were the difference between foot pain and complete pain relief.

PowerStep’s Insoles Relieve Lori's Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Lori Pine from California is a Programs Director at a health club which includes being a personal trainer, an administrator and an events coordinator, and also a charter school and community music/drama instructor. Several years ago she developed plantar fasciitis and tried every possible remedy to relieve the arch and foot pain.

"Sometimes I would go to bed thinking the pain was better, yet wake up in the morning with it worse. I worked and worked out through the pain, often limping by the end of the day," she said.

Finally, after trying PowerStep Pinnacle Plus insoles in her everyday work athletic-type shoes and in her running shoes, she was pain free.

"I now use the Original Full Length Insoles in all my shoes, plus continue to use Pinnacle Plus in my running shoes. I recommend PowerStep to all my clients, classes, and anyone who inquires at the fitness events I direct."

PowerStep Orthotics for Pain Relief

By using prefabricated PowerStep orthotics for plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions, individuals like Lori can return to their active lifestyles pain-free. The PowerStep Original and Pinnacle Plus styles, with the semi-rigid arch support shell, improve foot alignment and plantar fascia strain to eliminate strain and discomfort.


PowerStep’s Insoles Relieve Heel Spur Pain for Steven

Steven Jackson from Alabama is a pipefitter by trade, installing, assembling, fabricating, and maintaining mechanical piping systems. Oftentimes, this position requires standing and working in tight areas for long periods of time, which can lead to foot fatigue, discomfort, and pain. While working out of town seven years ago, Steven hurt his foot and had to miss going into work. He tried over the counter insoles, but they didn’t seem to relieve his symptoms. As a result of the pain he was feeling around his heels and the risk of missing more work because of the pain, Steven sought out a podiatrist and was quickly diagnosed with heel spurs. After examining his current over the counter insoles, Steven’s doctor recommended he switch to PowerStep’s orthotic insoles and gave him a pair to try.

After wearing the PowerStep insoles for a few days, Steven’s symptoms subsided and his feet started to feel better throughout the day. Once he stopped wearing the insoles though, the pain creeped back, and he realized wearing PowerStep’s insoles was the only way to manage his heel spur pain.

“I absolutely could not survive without them,” Steven said about PowerStep’s orthotic insoles. “I’ve been wearing them for about seven years, and they have completely done away with my heel spur problems.”

So why was PowerStep’s Pinnacle insoles able to relieve Steven’s heel spur pain when other over the counter insoles couldn’t?

The Power of PowerStep Orthotics

Unlike other insole products on the market, PowerStep’s insoles are clinically proven to decrease foot pain and increase foot stability and mobility. And for workers like Steven, PowerStep orthotics are proven to improve the length of time standing, distance walked, and ability to perform specific tasks on the job.

With a built-in arch support, heel cradle, and maximum cushioning, the Pinnacle insoles have eliminated Steven’s heel spur pain, and he can now expect his feet to feel good the next day, even after a long day on the job.

A PowerStep User for Life

Since being introduced to the brand seven years ago, Steven swears by PowerStep insoles and refuses to try any other product or wear a pair of shoes without them. Knowing how much PowerStep has helped him with his foot pain, he can’t help but recommend the orthotic insoles to friends, family, and colleagues.

“You would not believe how many people I’ve got started on them,” Steven says. “All the guys at work accuse me of having stock in the company!”

With PowerStep’s orthotic insoles, Steven is pain-free and can work and enjoy his daily activities without having to worry about any disruption from heel spurs.

From Constant Aches to Uninhibited, Pain-Free Moving

PowerStep Transforms the Life of Every Day Hero Ron

Custom orthotic insoles or over-the-counter insoles? For 64-year-old Ron Bickford, PowerStep insoles were exactly what he needed to get him moving pain-free again after struggling with custom orthotics since undergoing orthopedic surgery to correct his flat feet at age 13.

During the surgery, the surgeons broke Ron’s arches and fused them back together. The result was fairly successful, with 75% correction in his left foot and a bit more in his right foot. Unfortunately, the surgery on his right foot was compromised after he hit a curb and fell out of his wheelchair.

After that, Ron entered physical therapy to start walking again and was prescribed custom orthotics to help relieve any pain or discomfort he was feeling. But his relief was short-lived as the insoles quickly wore down in his shoes.

“They would work for maybe a couple of months and just never really did it [for me],” Ron said.

For the next 50 years, Ron spent thousands of dollars on new pairs of custom orthotics, continuing to struggle with walking, climbing up and down stairs, and standing for long periods of time. Then, in spring 2017, Ron spotted PowerStep insoles in a local pharmacy and decided to give them a try. The comfort and support Ron felt amazed him.

Compared to his custom orthotics that wore out quickly, PowerStep’s Pinnacle Maxx Support insoles provide Ron with greater, more consistent support, and don’t break down after wearing. This means Ron is now able to walk, go up and down stairs, and stand in one place for long periods of time without any pain.

“I would never wear anything else,” Ron said. “They work better than the custom orthotics ever worked. And they hold up very well.”

Ron has finally found his perfect match with PowerStep insoles, and would recommend them to anyone suffering from foot pain.

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