Foot Health & Your Body

What Your Feet Say About Your Health

Feet and body health are closely interlinked. If your feet constantly hurt or you have problems like swelling or numbness, these may be signs of a more serious health concern. Ignoring your foot pain will only make matters worse, poorly affecting your quality of life.

Keep reading to learn more about what your feet say about your health and how PowerStep® can help you achieve a healthier body and mind with pain-free feet.

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How Foot Health Affects the Body

Feet are the foundation of a healthy body. Each foot has a complex anatomy of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments working together so we can stand, walk, and run. Everything in your feet must work right to support an active lifestyle, whether you’re an avid runner, a retail worker who spends a lot of time on their feet, or a stay-at-home parent.

When something is wrong with our feet, it can have a domino effect on the rest of the body, resulting in problems with alignment, posture, mobility, and balance. When left untreated, these problems may lead to long-term damage. PowerStep is clinically proven to relieve symptoms of foot pain, improve foot function, and prevent common foot ailments that may affect your overall health.

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Problems Related to Foot Health

What can your feet tell you about your health? Many medical conditions show initial symptoms in the feet. This means the health of your feet can be a good indication of the health of your body and vice versa. For example, foot cramps may mean that you are dehydrated while feet that are always cold could be a sign of poor blood circulation, vascular or thyroid issues.

Proper foot care like cleaning and examining your feet daily can help you detect and even prevent certain foot problems. Here are some ways that a foot condition or injury may affect the health of your body:

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What Do Healthy Feet Look Like?

If your feet are functional and not causing you any pain or discomfort, you probably have healthy feet. However, foot health is something people often overlook, so you may have a hard time noticing certain issues. Checking your feet regularly can help you be more proactive about your feet and body health.

Along with wearing proper fitting shoes, arch support is essential to good foot health. Unsupported arches can lead to various ailments in the rest of your body. People with flat feet or high arches might have more problems than those with neutral arches, which is why PowerStep offers a range of orthotic insoles to support the health of all feet no matter the arch type.

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Do Orthotics Really Help Your Feet? 

One of the best ways you can take care of your foot health is orthotics. Orthotic insoles give your feet the support and cushion they need so you can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Designed by a podiatrist, PowerStep orthotic insoles are the best insole for healthy feet, helping to alleviate pain and prevent foot conditions that may affect the rest of your body.

If you have foot or ankle pain lasting more than a few days and it’s getting in the way of daily activities, schedule an appointment with your doctor or a podiatrist. Podiatrists are trained to treat a range of foot conditions and may even prescribe you an insole to fix your foot pain. In fact, PowerStep is the #1 podiatrist recommended insole for relieving and preventing pain from a variety of foot conditions.

Take a step toward better foot and body health with PowerStep.

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