Woman standing outside of brick building, wearing PowerStep Slide orthotic sandals
Woman placing PowerStep Pinnacle insoles into her white shoes.
Man going on hike and stepping on log while wearing PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock
PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock: Shop Now. Woman playing tennis while wearing DASS.PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock: Shop Now. Woman playing tennis while wearing DASS.

Real Reviews from Real PowerStep Customers


I’ve been using these for years. I’m on my feet at least 12 hours a day, and could not do it without them!! My husband used to make fun of all the shoes that I bought just trying to find something that worked for me. They are well worth the money, because I’m no longer buying new shoes every couple of months!


That’s what my podiatrist had me buy a few years back. They are the best I’ve had and I literally have had 100 pairs of different kinds.


My arches collapsed nearly twenty years ago. Unfortunately, my right ankle has developed a serious over-pronation along with arthritis. It’s been especially painful the last few months, so I sought help from my current doctor. He suggested PowerStep, and he appears to have been right. I’m back walking for exercise. Are these a cure? No. But they are serious relief from the worst of the pain.

Martin N.
PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx

I’ve been wearing them for 5 days now. I can stand or walk all day now without the accompanying pain. Yay!!!

Mark C.
ProTech Full Length

I have very flat feet and have always been having issues from plantar fasciitis to other pains. These are the most helpful and comfortable inserts that I have had, including custom orthotics.

Peter L.
PowerStep Pinnacle Low

I have posterior tibial tendonitis and I have been searching hi and lo for footwear that is helpful!  I already have 2 pairs of your flip flops (showed them to my physical therapist and she was VERY impressed with the cradling footbed and superior arch support) and these slippers are wonderful.  I cannot tell you how many pairs of house shoes/slippers I have tried and returned!!! Your shoes are literally lifesaving!!

Jackie S.

I defeated my plantar fasciitis because of these inserts. My plantar was so very inflamed, I'd cry on my way home from work and then crawl around on my knees once I got home. These are absolutely amazing!!

Paula D.