Why PowerStep®?

Support for your feet means support for your entire body.

Foot pain often stems from poor foot alignment and a lack of support and cushion. This can lead to other problems like knee, hip, and lower back pain. PowerStep orthotic insoles are designed to support your arch, provide cushion, and promote healthy alignment of your feet and ankles, relieving and preventing pain from the feet up.

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How Does PowerStep® Work?

PowerStep insoles have a unique arch shape built into every pair. Offering reliable support paired with superior comfort, the PowerStep arch was designed by a podiatrist as an affordable solution for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and other painful foot conditions.

PowerStep® Does More Than Cushion Your Feet.

Our orthotic insoles combine stabilizing arch and heel support, along with cushioning, in a clinically effective design that actually decreases your foot pain and improves foot function.

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Pain Relief & Comfort

Plush foam cushioning and clinically proven support for comfort in every step

Firm Yet Flexible Support

A trusted semi-rigid support shell that bolsters your arch and heel for reliable support

Cradles Arch & Heel

Contoured support and enhanced stability that help tired, aching feet

Clinically Proven, Professionally Recommended

PowerStep is the #1 podiatrist-recommended brand of orthotic insoles


of PowerStep users had less foot, knee, and back pain within just 2 weeks of wearing PowerStep insoles.* Clinical research also revealed PowerStep users continue to experience the same improvement as they would from wearing a more expensive custom orthotic.

*PowerStep® Customer Survey, August 2021

Unsupported foot tends to roll inward. The arch flattens, stretching the tissues while bones misalign. Foot with PowerStep provides foot posture and support to correct bone alignment and prevent pain.

PowerStep gives you easy and affordable access to the best orthotic insoles for effective pain relief and prevention.

Discover All Day Support with PowerStep® Insoles

Why let foot pain stop you from living your best life? PowerStep orthotics come in a variety of options that match your arch height and your lifestyle. Shop insoles by condition, shoe style, and category or use our insole finder to discover the best insoles for plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, running shoes, and more.

American Podiatric Medical Association

PowerStep has been awarded the APMA Seal of Acceptance for manufacturing products that promote healthy feet.