5 Ways to Get the Family Active this Summer

PowerStep Blog: 5 Ways to Get the Family Active this Summer

With tons of new technology, games, and virtual distractions, the world has become hassle-free. But is it healthy? Unfortunately, NO. Lack of activity can be detrimental to your health but finding solo time can be hard while juggling work and family. Getting outside and being active does not have to be a 3-mile hike up your local mountain. Oftentimes there are free, local options that can involve the family and help you get active. Here are 5 easy ways you can stay active and healthy with your family while doing things you all can enjoy!

  1. Visit the Great Outdoors – With a good portion of our lives concentrated indoors, getting outside can boost your activity levels. This doesn’t need to be a 5-day family vacation to the Grand Canyon (although that would be fun!). There are often local lakes and parks that are free to visit that offer walking and nature trails. This will also double as a learning opportunity for little ones to explore nature and local wildlife.
  2. City Scavenger Hunt – There are many things that are interesting to see on a walk around your local metro area. These can be turned into a fun scavenger hunt or bingo game. You can create your own or download our kid-friendly free version here!
  3. Picnic at the Park – A picnic is a wonderful way for getting out and staying active. A simple google search for “local parks” can show you places in your area that would be fun to visit! Parks can offer walking trails, beautiful scenery, and playgrounds for little ones.
  4. Schedule Family Activity - Many of us don’t seem to have time to stay active. Make time! Schedule some family activities. It can be going on a walk after dinner around your neighborhood or a weekly family workout that you follow along with from YouTube. Bobo P.E. offers great kid-friendly exercises and stretches, while making it fun!
  5. Local Events – Many cities have a summer event calendar, and these can offer free admission or only have a small fee to participate. These events can include an art festival, craft show, or fair. Whatever the event may be, there is usually plenty of walking involved!  

Staying active with the family can be a lot of fun with the above adventures. This will also create quality time and plenty of photo opportunities! Some people may think that going on long walks is harmless since they aren’t “working out” but frequent activity can cause some pain that can be avoided.

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