Introducing PowerStep bridge® - Where Comfort Meets Support

These innovative insoles were designed with PowerStep’s arch shape and enhanced to allow energize and memory foam comfort to be felt where it’s needed most. PowerStep is pleased to offer this all-in-one solution for every insole need – whether running, walking, or working… bridge is pain-relief, simplified.

Comfort meets support with PowerStep bridge insoles, offering a customized fit while providing cushion and alignment for lasting pain relief.

Flexible and adaptable arch support structure adapts to your foot, teaching proper alignment that helps relieve and prevent pain for all arch heights.

Dual-layer cushioning provides comfort where you need it most, featuring slow-recovery memory foam paired with our innovative PowerStep energize foam™ that offers 55% energy return with every step.

Anti-microbial mesh top fabric is moisture-wicking, helping to reduce heat, friction, and perspiration.

Relieve and prevent foot pain, achy feet, Plantar Fasciitis, ankle, knee, hip & back pain during running, walking, working, and other everyday activities with bridge

The PowerStep bridge full length insoles feature an arch support structure that flexes, supports, and adapts to all arch heights while cradling the heel for improved motion control. Dual-layer cushioning comfort features PowerStep energize foam™ and memory foam. The PowerStep energize foam provides a cloud-like feel with channels that assist in even weight distribution for a custom-like fit, offering great shock absorption against impact. This shock absorption occurs from a unique formulation of materials that offers 55% energy return with every step, creating a cushioning step down that then springs back to propel you into your next step.

The plush, slow-recovery memory foam cushioning layer conforms to the shape of the foot for added comfort and pressure relief. Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial mesh top fabric is breathable, helping to control heat, friction, and perspiration to keep your feet cool and dry.

Feet need stable, yet flexible arch support for shock absorption and proper alignment. By combining premium cushioning and an adaptable arch shape, the PowerStep bridge shoe insoles are a trusted solution to improve foot function, decrease arch pain, and help alleviate common foot conditions typically caused by overpronation, mild to moderate pronation, or supination – such as Plantar Fasciitis. In wear trials for bridge, 98% of people felt less pain after one week of use, and 63% of consumers took less pain medication after wearing bridge*. PowerStep bridge – where comfort meets support for lasting pain relief.

*Data from Consumer Wear Study, April 2021

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Real Tests; Real Results.

Impact attenuation in the heel and forefoot was measured using a standard footwear impact test (ASTM 1976-13) with a total energy input of 5 Joules and with insoles mounted in a New Balance shoe sole. The impact shock produced by the “bare” shoe, without insole, was used as one baseline reference for calculating attenuation. To better represent the real world use case, attenuation was also calculated relative to the “stock” insole, which is the insole that came with the shoe.


The impact test device uses a computer controlled actuator to lift and drop a missile of specific mass and

 geometry onto the cushioning system. The impact energy is controlled at 5 Joules, similar to the impact energy typically imparted to a running shoe sole. A load cell and a displacement transducer are used to record the force of impact and the compression of the cushioning system 20000 times per second. Each sample is impacted 30 times. The first 25 drops are used to condition the sample and test scores are determined by averaging results from the five impacts. Insoles were tested in both the heel and forefoot. The standard test locations at 12% and 75% of foot length respectively) coincide with the average locations of peak pressure loads on the foot during walking and running.

Impact Attenuation was determined by comparing peak impact shock scores from each insole with the reference condition(s) and expressinig the reduction in impact shock as a percentage. Compared with the bare shoe sole (no insole), the stock insole reduced impact shock by 10% in both heel and forefoot. The PowerStep bridge insole reduced peak impact shock relative to the stock insole with an attenuation value of 12% in the heel, and 8% in the forefoot.


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All About Cushioning

“Cushioning” is a colloquial term that encompasses at least three distinct mechanical concepts:

Impact attenuation: The reduction of impact-induced loads (force, acceleration, pressure, load rate) by means of a compliant cushioning system or material. In general, a cushioning system attenuates loads by distributing the impact in the time domain, reducing peak loads and load rates.

Pressure Reduction: 
The redistribution of (usually quasi-static) loads in a manner that reduces local peak loads. Compliant materials distribute loads spatially; spreading forces over a larger contact and reducing local peak loads.

“Comfort” is a psychological construct that, under strictly controlled experimental conditions, is related to mechanical cushioning properties. In the real world, the perception of comfort is highly variable among individuals.

The Top Cover is an anti-microbial, moisture wicking polyester mesh top fabric. Beneath the top cover is the dynamic Dual Layer Cushioning composed of Memory foam (polyurethane foam) on the top, and PowerStep energize foam™ for the base layer. PowerStep energize foam consists of expanded thermoplastic foam (ETPU) and polyurethane (PU). Pressed into the foam from beneath is the Adaptable Arch Support, a polypropylene arch support structure that is rigid enough to provide arch support where it's needed most, yet flexible in the right places to be able to adapt to all arch heights and foot shapes.

PowerStep bridge insoles are available in 5 sizes ranging from Men’s US shoe sizes 4 to 13.5, and Women’s US shoe sizes 5 to 14.5, intended for footwear where the factory insoles can be removed and designed for shoes such as Athletic (Walking/Running), Work, Boots, & Casual Dress Shoes. For best fit, remove existing insole from shoe and insert PowerStep bridge insole. Using the original shoe insole as a guide, trim bridge insole to desired fit. Position bridge insole against the back of the shoe, holding it in place as you slide in your foot. If necessary, spot clean with mild detergent and air dry. Do not immerse in water. PowerStep insoles should last 6 months or longer, depending on wear usage and activity level.

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PowerStep Bridge Insole was tested via a 3rd party facility. BioMechanica, LLC is a privately owned, independent company that provides biomechanics research, testing, and other technical services to the sporting goods, military, and medical industries.