PowerStep & Doctor Hoy's - The New Dynamic Duo!

We are pleased to introduce Doctor Hoy's, creator of amazing natural topical pain relief gel & arnica cream, to the PowerStep family! PowerStep's focus has consistently been providing affordable pain relief and prevention by use of orthotic arch supporting insoles, empowering the user to find pain relief without the use of oral pain medications—some which can have side effects or become an addiction. Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel and Arnica Boost topical analgesic products are a great fit for this reason!

Our motivation is to provide effective natural pain relief as efficiently as possible, without the use of potentially harmful medications or harsh chemicals. Doctor Hoy's products are effective enough to be competitive in the topical pain reliever industry, while using herbal ingredients—natural pain killers—which is what sets them apart from the others in topical pain relief arena. Doctor Hoy's natural ingredients are so safe, they can be used by young children—and even nursing or pregnant mothers, who are urged to avoid harsh chemicals in such things as dyes, certain foods and drinks, and the active chemicals frequently found in other topical pain relievers.

Oftentimes, consumers can mistakenly assume that all natural or herbal remedies, or products using natural ingredients is a weaker version of the lab-produced chemical with the same purpose, for Doctor Hoy's that is not true. The narrative that the labs share is that this chemical was specifically designed to perform this function, so it's better than that natural ingredient that was found to be helpful. We politely disagree. The labs create chemicals with an intention to provide a cheaper, more mass-producible version of the natural, (ahem: better!) ingredients of herbal remedies. Doctor Hoy's relies on natural pain reliving remedies, like Arnica Montana Flowers, that have been trusted by populations all over the world for hundreds of years. Please compare Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief ingredients to any other topical pain reliever and see the difference. 

Doctor Hoy's is a great addition to the PowerStep family, not only because the motivation is the same, but for our customers who are seeking foot pain relief and prevention might also be interested in Doctor Hoy's products to add to their routine. PowerStep orthotic arch supporting shoe insoles are your solution for relieving pain and preventing pain via treating numerous foot conditions. Some may get to the point where orthotics are no longer needed, although most users adopt the insoles full-time to continue on to prevent the injury from occurring again.

Regardless, not everybody will feel immediate pain relief as soon as the insole is placed underfoot—although we do hear from some people that it the case, many others have a period of several days up to a couple weeks where the foot needs to adapt to the insole's orthotic shape. This "break-in" period is usually due to slight pain felt by the foot being put into alignment for the first time in years, to discomfort from the foot learning how to balance using proper posture—muscles and ligaments that have been "lazy" now have to take weight and participate through the stride!

We believe Doctor Hoy's can join up and create a "dynamic duo" sort of teaming up. Applying Doctor Hoy's pain relieving gel & arnica cream to the foot can bring immediate relief to arch pain caused by plantar fasciitis. It can subdue the sharp pain of a neuroma in the ball of foot area. Pain from bunions, gout, heel spurs, etc, can all be immediately relieved by Doctor Hoy's natural anti-inflammatory pain relieving products. So as the new user of PowerStep orthotic pain relieving insoles is getting their feet used to the new positioning of the arch, applying Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relieving Gel and Arnica Boost to the foot can give a much more immediate anti-inflammatory natural pain relief gel & arnica cream during the break-in period.

Too-long-didn't-read: PowerStep Insoles can get your feet pain-free after a short break-in period while the feet get used to them, and Doctor Hoy's pain relief gel & arnica cream can bring immediate relief for that initial discomfort.