Summer Hiking Essentials for Beginners: Ways to Avoid Foot Fatigue

Father and son hiking during the summertime

With every new year, the wait for summer begins. Summer brings us opportunities for numerous outdoor activities including sports and traveling. Another popular activity for summer is hiking. I mean... who doesn’t love hiking? Adventure, the outdoors, and it’s great exercise - the perfect summer blend. However, many people experience orthopedic problems during or after hiking. For example, foot fatigue, shin splints, and muscle cramps are commonly encountered during or after a hike. 

To get the best of the summer hiking experience, we suggest you get your bags ready. Here we will provide you with a list of essential hiking gear, like summer hiking boots, that’ll help you get the best out of your summer hike and keep you injury-free. 

Summer Hiking Essentials

For your best summer hike, make sure to include:

  • Summer hiking boots - One of the best summer hike experiences is when you can feel confident and comfortable in your summer hiking boots. Your summer hiking boots should provide good traction, support, and breathability. Insoles for summer hiking boots are great for added cushioning and support on the trail. They can also help to prevent blisters and foot fatigue. 
  • Orthotics for hiking boots - as mentioned above, insoles are great for preventing slips and injuries. Orthotics have a similar mechanism and are useful in preventing pain, foot fatigue, and other injuries. Having an extra pair of insoles and/or orthotics for your hiking boots will be handy if you are going for long hikes. Read on to find out more about boot insoles and orthotics.
  • Sun protective clothing - In terms of clothing, it's important to dress in layers that can be easily removed as the temperature rises. Dry-fit apparel is great for staying cool and sweating the heat off! Most hiking apparel is SPF rated, while a hat and sunscreen are also essential to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. 
  • Water and snacks - this is an obvious, yet very important, summer hiking essential. Make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy levels up during your hike. Staying hydrated is crucial for getting the best out of every sport, including a summer hike. By following these tips, you'll be sure to have a safe and enjoyable summer hike.
  • Location map and compass or GPS - depending on where you are going and how far you plan to go, it is a essential to take a map of the area or park, and a handheld GPS or compass. This will help ensure you can always get back to the path or find help if needed!

PowerStep Orthotics

After reading the above text, you might want to get a pair of insoles or orthotics. Our orthotic insoles are designed to relieve and prevent pain. Whether you experience flat feet, have pain in your ankle or knee joints, or feel foot fatigue, our orthotics and insoles for hiking boots will ensure that these pains don’t come along. PowerStep Orthotics provides you with a perfect fit insole for your favorite summer hiking boots. No foot fatigue, no shin splints - just the perfect summer hike. Contact us today for the best orthotics or insoles and follow us on social for more helpful tips.