Take these steps toward living a more active life

Have you ever turned down a walk to the park with your grandkids, skipped a round of golf, or stayed home from a day of shopping because your feet hurt too much? Let’s face it, having foot pain is more than a minor annoyance. It can be the difference between living your full, active life and becoming a couch potato.  

You deserve to live your life on your terms without settling for pain. Here’s what to know about the causes of foot pain and how to treat it, so you can live pain-free. 

What causes foot pain?  
Foot pain can be caused by a variety of conditions that might be connected to aging. For example, arthritis is a common cause of foot pain since it most frequently affects small joints like those in the foot and ankle. Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot) and flat feet can also cause foot pain. Poor shoes and inadequate support can make foot pain even worse. 

What are the symptoms of foot pain?  
Foot pain is often experienced in your heels and the arches of your feet. This pain might increase after long periods of standing or walking. It might also flare up when you get up for the first time in the morning or after sitting for a few hours.  

Another common symptom of foot pain is back pain, thanks to the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from the bottom of your spine all the way down to your feet. If it’s pinched or compressed, you’ll feel pain in your low back or feet. On the other hand, if you have flat feet, your thighs and knees might rotate inward, which puts more pressure on your hips and knees, eventually leading to back pain. 

How to treat foot pain 
Generally, doctors recommend treating foot pain with the acronym RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Your doctor might also suggest over-the-counter pain medications.  

However, those treatments only address the symptoms of your foot pain. The root cause could be related to poor footwear and improper arch support. Orthotic insoles are designed to give you the arch support you need to relieve your pain, so you can keep up with your grandkids. These insoles provide cushioning and support while redistributing pressure as you take on your everyday activities. There are orthotic insole options for other causes of foot pain, too – whether that’s flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs. 

While foot pain may have slowed you down in the past, there are solutions to both relieve pain and prevent its return. PowerStep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles are the #1 podiatrist recommended orthotic insole. Unlike mass-market insoles, they can be ordered in your exact shoe size to guarantee the right fit and align your body to help prevent and relieve pain. They have firm arch support, dual-layer cushioning, and are clinically proven effective. Styles are available for low, neutral, and high arches. The range also includes Orthotic Insoles for casual, dress, or therapeutic shoes, as well as slippers and sandals. Additionally, these insoles are designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Foot pain may be common, but that doesn’t mean you have to power through the pain or limit your activities. There’s a lot you can do. Take a huge step toward alleviating pain with PowerStep Orthotic Insoles. Then, you can say “Yes!” to enjoying life fully – and walk away from pain.  

--Originally Posted on www.aarpethel.com April 2022