Why Go Camping in the Winter?

Couple camping in the winter time, enjoying the view of snow from their tent

Why Put Camping on Your To-Do List this Winter

According to the 2020 North American Camping Report, there are over 94.5 million camper households in North America. Camping is a popular recreational activity all across the nation for many reasons. It has countless benefits, including building relationships, learning and developing new skills, turning off and getting away from screens, connecting with nature, reducing stress, and improving physical fitness. Simply put, camping is just the right thing for your mind and body if you also enjoy the great outdoors.

Some Cool Things about Winter Camping

If camping is your sport, don’t put your tents away just because the temperature drops. There are many reasons that make the winter season a great option. Let us explore why you need to put camping on the to-do list this winter. 

1. Mesmerizing Scenary

Imagine holding a hot cup of coffee and looking at the falling snow. As the leaves fall from the trees, the view unfolds from your favorite ridge, peak, or high glade. The perfectly placed blanket of snow gives your favorite summer spot a whole new character. 

2. Winter Isn’t Busy

For most people, winter is not famous for camping. This means that you may find a private spot with a beautiful view hassle-free. With almost zero rush, you are bound to absorb most of what nature has to give you. You may see stars like never before, witness the Moon Dog, and be in awe under the veil of lights in the sky.

3. No Pesky Bugs

Mosquitos can be a nag during your camping. Not in winter! Mosquitos have settled in for a long hibernation, so there is no need to close the tent door to keep mosquitoes out. Winter may be a good time to migrate to the backcountry, as beetles and many insects are typically less active in cold weather as well.

4. Different Challenges

Winter camping presents unique challenges and opportunities to experience regular campsites in new ways. The weather can be harsh and you have to stay on your toes to get to your favorite spot. However, as much as it is challenging, it is even more breathtaking once you reach your goal. 

5. Campfires

While campfires are great all year round, winter campfires are a whole new level of peace. Apart from the warmth, your campfire will give your S’mores a warm and smoky flavor. 

6. Sound Peace

Absolute silence is rarely heard of. If you've never experienced this, it's pure bliss. While regular camping lacks the hustle and bustle of the city, winter camping is much more than that. There is no rustling of leaves or chirping of insects.  

Winter Camping Gear

Winter camping is also a great time to update all of your camping gear because going camping with a cheap sleeping bag and a leaky tent will most likely make you very uncomfortable and can be dangerous.

One of the basic needs for winter camping is some warm clothes. It would help if you grabbed some puff jackets, thermals, gloves, and some good socks and boots to regulate your body temperature and retain body heat. Keeping warm and comfy gear will let you enjoy the camping experience to the fullest. 

Regardless of the season, camping includes many activities like hiking, trekking, and long walks. This requires your footwear to be secure and comfortable. In winter especially, there is a dire need to keep the feet warm. We have got you covered. PowerStep® Pinnacle Wool Insoles are a marvelous combination of arch support, pain relief, and warmth. 

Go on and grab your new camping gear and book your favorite spot for this winter!