PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock profile view and box, supports like a brace and wears like a sock
PowerStep DASS: Easy steps for proper wear video.
Woman playing tennis while wearing dynamic ankle support sock, supports like a brace and wears like a sock, machine washable, provides ligament protection, targeted compression, healthy positioning, sleek profile fits most shoes
PowerStep DASS treats & relieves: Ankle sprains (inversion & eversion), Ankle strains, Chronic ankle instability, Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tear, Achilles surgery recovery, Hypermobility (double-jointed), Ankle replacement, Plantar fasciitis*. *For maximum relief from plantar fasciitis, pair with PowerStep orthotic insoles.
Dynamic Ankle Support Sock size guide; compression sock base provides targeted compression and support, ankle stability straps lock in correct positioning to allow healthy movement, ankle support cage provides support and ligament protection
Dynamic Ankle Support Sock wear guide instructions
Dynamic ankle support sock reviews, wear trial conducted in March 2023, consumer approved
PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock front view, offers targeted compression and enhanced support, alignment and stability
Back view of Dynamic Ankle Support Sock, ankle stability strap wraps across the ankle to provide stability control
Profile view of PowerStep Support Sock, strap wraps around ankle for stability and custom tension, sleek profile for comfortable fit in most shoes
Profile view of PowerStep Support Sock, strap wraps around ankle for stability and custom tension

PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock | Compression Sock & Ankle Support Brace for Ankle Pain and Injuries

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  • Compression sock and ankle brace in one offers targeted compression plus enhanced support, alignment, and stability
  • Flexible support cage and stability strap maintain healthy movement while supporting weak or injured ankles
  • Can help prevent injury and improve stability during physical activity
  • Sleek, low-profile design fits easily into most shoes
  • Machine washable for everyday and all-day wear
  • HSA/FSA eligible

Your ultimate defense against ankle sprains and strains, the PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock helps you stay active and prevent injury. This compression sock and ankle brace in one can help improve ankle stability during a range of activities from walking to intense athletic competition. Plus, the low-profile design doesn’t compromise the fit or functionality of your shoes, allowing you to move with confidence.


Individuals with ankle pain often experience discomfort due to lack of support and poor stability. Failure to correct these conditions may cause further damage. The PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock provides compression, support, and stability all in one to help protect you against ankle sprains, eversion and inversion injuries, and aid in healing by preventing reinjury.

The comfortable sock materials offer gradual compression that supports the arch, aligns the ankle, and stabilizes the heel. Enjoy a full, natural range of motion and anatomically correct positioning with the ankle support cage. Soft ankle straps hug the foot and ankle for customized tension and a perfect fit.

Ideal for: Ankle Sprains & Strains, Acute Injury, Injury and Re-injury Prevention

  • Polyester sock, black
  • TPU cage, grey
  • Layered polyester, TPE, and TPU strap, black
  • Latex free
  • Sizing: Design includes left foot or right foot. Available in 4 sizes ranging from Men’s US shoe sizes 4-14+, and Women’s US shoe sizes 5-14+:
    • Small (Fits Women’s 5-7.5, Men’s 4-6.5)
    • Medium (Fits Women’s 8-10.5, Men’s 7-9.5)
    • Large (Fits Women’s 11-13.5, Men’s 10-12.5)
    • X-Large (Fits Women’s 14+, Men’s 13-14+)
  • Packaging contains: 1 ankle brace support sock

Proper Care: Fasten the hook end of each strap to the loop portion on the sock before washing. Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle with like colors. Air dry. DO NOT machine dry, bleach, iron, or dry clean.

  1. Undo straps. Roll the cuff of the sock down until it meets the top portion of the gray cage.
  2. Hold onto the sides of the sock and gray cage and slide it onto your foot, guiding it over your heel. It is important to grasp onto the gray cage while pulling the part over your heel. It helps to point your toes to more easily slide on.
    1. NOTE: Do NOT wear a traditional sock underneath this product
  3. Slide the cuff of the sock up your ankle until it is fully on.
  4. Take the strap that is on the inside of your foot and wrap it up and over the top of your foot and fasten. Then take the outside strap and wrap it up and over the forefoot, crossing over the inner strap and fasten. Tighten straps to preferred level of compression.
    1. NOTE: Attach the hook end of strap to loop portion on the sock