Heel Wedges
Heel Wedges
2 Degree Heel Wedges

PowerStep® 2 Degree Heel Wedges

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  • Provides 2° of medial posting for greater correction
  • Helps prevent overpronation and flattening of the foot
  • Relieves heel and arch pain
  • Fits easily into most shoes without changing fit
  • Full adhesive bottom to help hold heel wedge in place

The PowerStep® 2 Degree Heel Wedges provide extra heel correction for those who need it.


The Heel Wedges are self-adhesive dense EVA foam pads that are placed directly under the heel of the orthotic insert to further help prevent overpronation to relieve heel and arch pain.

Recommended for: Overpronation; Flat Feet; Fallen Arches; Arch & Heel Pain

  • Material Content: Durable, dense EVA foam, blue; Adhesive backing
  • Sizing:
    • Small: Fitting Men's U.S. shoe sizes 3-8, Women's U.S. shoe sizes 5-10
    • Regular: Fitting Men's U.S. shoe sizes 9-14, Women's U.S. shoe sizes 11+
  • Packaging Contains: 1 pair

Ideal shoe type: Athletic, Casual, Dress & Work Shoes

Proper care: Spot clean with a mild detergent. Air dry. Do not immerse in water.

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