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PowerStep Pinnacle Junior full length insole dimensions

PowerStep Pinnacle Junior Insoles | Children's Pain Relief Shoe Insert

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  • Full length, total contact support with an odor control top fabric that helps reduce heat, friction, and perspiration
  • Firm but flexible contoured neutral arch support with a deep heel cradle for increased comfort, stability, and motion control for those with standard arches
  • Premium dual-layer support cushioning for enhanced comfort from heel to toe, featuring a foam layer that provides bounce back with each step without going flat
  • Perfect balance of comfort and support that stabilizes and aligns the feet to help relieve and prevent pain from mild to moderate pronation
  • Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required

The PowerStep® Pinnacle Junior full length insoles offer the same support and cushioning as our popular Pinnacle style, but is now available in Toddler and Youth sizes! The built-in neutral arch support and two layers of plush cushioning are the perfect balance of comfort and support. The Pinnacle Junior insoles feature the signature PowerStep arch shape that cradles the arch and heel, adding stability and motion control to limit excess stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons.


Feet with neutral arches naturally pronate when walking, where the feet and ankles roll slightly inward, placing pressure on the bigger toes and inside of the foot. Neutral arches need stable, yet flexible arch support for shock absorption and proper alignment. By combining premium cushioning and the clinically proven PowerStep arch shape in a semi-rigid neutral arch support shell, the PowerStep Pinnacle Junior shoe insoles are a trusted solution to improve foot function, decrease arch pain, and help alleviate common foot conditions typically caused by mild to moderate pronation.

Mild to moderate pronation can cause: Plantar Fasciitis; Achilles Tendonitis; Arch & heel pain; Ankle, knee, hip & back pain; Shin splints; Bunions; Heel spurs; Hammer & claw toes; Calluses & corns

  • Top Cover:  Odor control polyester top fabric, royal blue with pattern
  • Arch:  Semi-rigid polypropylene support shell
  • Dual Layer Cushioning:  Foam top layer, black; EVA base, blue
  • Shoe Sizes:  Available in 9 sizes ranging from Toddler's U.S. shoe sizes 11.5 to 13, and Youth's U.S. shoe sizes 1 to 6
  • Packaging Contains:  1 pair

Ideal shoe type: Intended for footwear where the factory insoles can be removed and designed for shoes such as Kid's Athletic & Casual Dress Shoes

Proper care: Spot clean with mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Air dry.

Covered under US Patent #D846,853

PowerStep insoles should last 6 months or longer depending on wear usage and activity level. Need more information? Visit our FAQs.