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PowerStep® is a leading brand of ready-to-wear orthotic insoles. Our unique podiatrist-designed products are proven clinically effective in alleviating a variety of foot conditions. PowerStep supportive shoe insoles are used by people from all walks of life: runners and athletes, construction workers, food service workers, nurses and everything in between. If you want to relieve foot pain or prevent it altogether, try PowerStep custom insoles.

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We have even more resources and tools that can help you get to know the PowerStep brand and find the right orthotic solution for you. Check out our fun interactive selection guide to find products personalized to your needs, and explore our foot health resources to learn about your foot condition and how PowerStep helps alleviate foot pain


Need help determining which insole is best for you? Use our Interactive Product Selection Guide to help find the right insole for your foot type and activity.


PowerStep® Ambassadors are authentic in their love for PowerStep! They are influential and inspirational people impacted by our products. Read more.


At PowerStep® we want to help everyone experience healthy, pain-free feet. Visit our Resource Page to find information about proper foot care, common problems that can occur in feet and ways that PowerStep® orthotic shoe insoles can help by providing necessary arch support and more.


Orthotic insoles aren't just for athletes! Read how these Everyday Heroes use PowerStep® insoles to help alleviate pain and get back to doing what they love.

PowerStep Hero Steven Jackson
From Over the Counter Insoles to PowerStep Orthotics

Steven Jackson from Alabama is a pipefitter by trade, installing, assembling, fabricating, and maintaining mechanical piping systems. Oftentimes, this position requires standing and working in tight areas for long periods of time, which can lead to foot fatigue, discomfort, and pain. While working out of town seven years ago, Steven hurt his foot and had to miss going into work. He tried over the counter insoles, but they didn’t seem to relieve his symptoms. As a result of the pain he was feeling around his heels and the risk of missing more work because of the pain, Steven sought out a podiatrist and was quickly diagnosed with heel spurs. After examining his current over the counter insoles, Steven’s doctor recommended he switch to PowerStep’s orthotic insoles and gave him a pair to try. [...Read More]

Not sure which product is right for you? Use our Product Use Guide below to look up which of our orthotic insoles is best for the specific foot condition you’re dealing with.


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