Dynamic Ankle Support Sock


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Guide for Proper Wear

Because the PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock is a compression sock, you should expect it to be snug when putting it on. Follow these easy steps for proper wear.

Step 1:

DASS instructions illustration, step 1

Undo straps. Roll the cuff of the sock down until it meets the top portion of the gray cage.

Step 2:

DASS instructions illustration, step 2

Hold onto the sides of the sock and gray cage and slide it onto your foot, guiding it over your heel. It is important to grasp onto the gray cage while pulling the part over your heel. It helps to point your toes to more easily slide on.

NOTE: Do NOT wear a traditional sock underneath this product

Step 3:

DASS instructions illustration, step 3

Slide the cuff of the sock up your ankle until it is fully on.

Step 4:

DASS instructions illustration, step 4

Take the strap that is on the inside of your foot and wrap it up and over the top of your foot and fasten. Then take the outside strap and wrap it up and over the forefoot, crossing over the inner strap and fasten. Tighten straps to preferred level of compression.

NOTE: Attach the hook end of strap to loop portion on the sock

Pinnacle Plus Met Insoles

Designed to relieve ball of foot pain, PowerStep Pinnacle Plus Met full-length insoles provide the ideal blend of support, flexibility, and cushioning. A built-in metatarsal pad spreads and cushions the metatarsal heads to alleviate pain and reduce pressure while a deep heel cradle offers better stability and motion control.

PowerStep Pinnacle Plus Met shoe insoles

UltraFlexx® Foot Rocker

Healthcare providers encourage Morton’s Neuroma exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the foot and lower leg. Our UltraFlexx Foot Rocker provides a deep stretch to boost your flexibility, prevent and treat injuries, as well as relieve common heel, foot, calf, and leg pain.

PowerStep UltraFlexx Foot Rocker

PULSE® Plus Met Insoles

Running sports are a known cause of Morton’s Neuroma. PowerStep® PULSE® Plus insoles are running orthotics that provide double layer, shock absorbing cushion for enhanced comfort as well as arch support and a deep heel cradle. They also feature a metatarsal pad to relieve Morton's Neuroma in running shoes.

PowerStep PULSE Plus Met shoe insoles

Removeable Metatarsal Pads

Morton’s Neuroma foot pads like PowerStep’s Metatarsal cushions transfer weight away from the metatarsal bones to relieve pinched nerves. They provide extra cushioning and have an adhesive backing to keep them in place. Our met pads fit easily into most shoes including high heels, dress shoes, tennis shoes, and more.

PowerStep Metatarsal Cushions
DASS product and packaging


30 Day

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you use the PowerStep® Dynamic Ankle Support Sock for 30 days and are unsatisfied, please return it to your place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

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