PULSE Running Insoles

PULSE® - Performance Orthotic Insoles Made by Athletes for Athletes

If you're a runner or an athlete who needs more support than what even the best running shoes provide, then PowerStep Pulse Insoles are your answer. These performance insoles were designed to work with the most advanced running shoe to improve the arch support, add impact cushioning and ankle stability. There are a few options in the PowerStep Pulse Running Insole line up. Read more about these orthotic running insoles below or use the PowerStep Insole Finder

Pulse Performance Running Insole

PULSE Performance Running Insoles 

Pulse Performance running insoles feature a soft and springy layer of upgraded ShockAbsorb™ Premium Foam cushioning over the entire insole. This layer of premium cushioning paired with a built-in neutral orthotic arch support and heel cradle that stabilizes the foot and improves alignment. The PowerStep patented design provides motion control to reduce stress on the feet, ankles, joints, and tendons. The PULSE Performance running orthotic insoles provide the perfect blend of stability and cushioning during running, cross training, and other athletic activities to increase comfort, reduce fatigue and improve the efficiency of your stride.


Powerstep Pulse Maxx Running Insole

PowerStep PULSE Maxx Support Over-Pronation Controlling Insoles

PowerStep's PULSE Maxx Support offers the same superior arch support and ShockAbsorb Premium Foam cushioning as the Pulse Performance, but with a deeper heel cradle with stabilizing platform to control lateral foot motion. This design provides enhanced ankle stability and corrects over-pronation. This pronation correction provides pain relief in the ankles and knees to reduce the stresses on those joints so you can get more miles in your runs. 


Pulse Plus Running Insoles

PowerStep PULSE Plus Metatarsal Supporting Insoles

PowerStep's PULSE Plus Metatarsal Support offers the same Patented arch support and Dual Layer cushioning with ShockAbsorb Premium Foam as the Pulse Performance, but with an added metatarsal support pad. This metatarsal pad is added just in front of the arch to provide targeted and lasting pain relief from Metatarsalgia, Stone Bruises, and other ball of foot pain. If you have ever felt something like a pebble in your running shoes under the ball of foot but nothing was there, you would benefit from Pulse Plus Running Insoles.