Fresh New Look, Same Great Product.

We've completed a major appearance overhaul, to better reflect the high-quality, innovative product that you love!

Our packaging design has been updated to improve shopping at a glance, top fabrics feature a fun new pattern, and each product is stamped with a unique logo for better identification. But don’t worry—these revisions are only skin-deep. You’ll still get the same proven PowerStep structure and materials that have earned your trust and loyalty!

Throughout the remainder of 2021, our retail products will start to transition to the new design as a rolling change. 

Packaging has been updated to make comparison shopping much easier with a strong benefit-focus. It's going to be amazingly simple to find the specific insole that fits your needs! Our insoles' top fabrics will also be transitioning to a fun new pattern for a more complete branded look, with an added unique product logo stamped on each insole type to keep our shoe insoles super-quick to identify.

The product design and materials have not changed! 
We greatly value and celebrate our history of loyal customers, and a top priority for us is to maintain integrity behind our product. We know you may have spent months or years to find which insole works for your feet. Maybe your go-to insole is the Pinnacle Plus with just the right amount of ball-of-foot relief from the added metatarsal pad; maybe you love the Pinnacle Neutral or Maxx and you're on the verge of finally beating that plantar fasciitis pain. The absolute last thing we want to do, is to meddle with your treatment progress. In the spirit of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", everything else—from the product design and structure, to the materials used for the built-in arch support shell and foam cushioning and padding—is exactly the same insole. The revisions are visual in design only—leaving our feet, heels, ankles, etc, in blissful ignorance that anything has changed!