Natural Remedies for Heel Spur Pain

Heel spurs (or bone spurs) are calcium growths on the bottom of the heel that point to the arch of your foot, often causing extreme pain. They may be accompanied by a protrusion but often, are undetectable. Commonly confused with plantar fascia, most heel spurs occur in at least half of people who have plantar fasciitis.

Doctors will offer surgical solutions to aide in your heel spur relief along with heel spur home remedies. Understanding how to manage and relieve your heel of heel spurs will take time and effort. Our top 5 home remedies for heel spurs may offer you guidance and ultimately, relief.

  • Rest. Your heels deserve a break.
    If you’ve noticed that one particular activity irritates your heel and causes pain, take a break and see if the pain subsides. Ice when you can and listen to your feet.
  • Insoles & Orthotics. Support your heels.
    Many shoes come with a minimal liner on the sole of the shoe, providing no support. Inward and outward rolling of the heel can add to your heel discomfort. Adding a heel insert, custom insole and/or switching to an orthotic shoe will help aid in pain relief. Support your heels and arch, they deserve it.
  • Soak. Take the pressure off.
    Epsom salt to the rescue! A warm salt soak can soften your heels, reduce inflammation and relieve heel spur pain.
  • Eat. Fuel your relief with good food.
    Magnesium is the most essential mineral for bone formation and utilizing calcium. Consuming magnesium-rich foods can help with heel spur pain. Foods such as spinach, kale, avocado and bananas can help!
  • Stretch & Massage. Get your blood flowing.
    Massages and stretching of the calves and feet can benefit your overall foot health by increasing blood flow, helping to break down scar tissue and speed up the healing process. We can help.

Heel spurs hurt. We want to help! Try out our heel spur home remedies and be sure to view our complete inventory of orthotic products available to help support you on your journey to relief.