Foot Pain Relief and Prevention for America's Front Line Workers

For over 30 years, PowerStep has been providing foot pain relief and prevention for foot and lower body pain for the working people of America. Front line workers are our power-players in the healthcare and first-responder units, food service and grocery workers, pharmacists, automotive technicians, Military, and sanitation specialists. PowerStep has designed insoles with orthotic arch support for long term pain relief, improving mobility. As mobility is becoming even more important to today's workers, especially the essential workers we lean on every day, the need for supportive orthotics has increased.


Orthotic supports are designed to help keep the foot, ankle, and lower leg in an aligned position which prevents further pain and injury caused by poor posture. It also helps to provide pain relief for individuals that suffer from foot pain caused by a variety of conditions, including arthritis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. The arch support reduces pressure on the soft tissues of the feet, thus reducing pain, inflammation and improving flexibility and healing.


Designed by a podiatrist and leading the industry, PowerStep Insoles relieve and prevent pain in the feet and up through the skeletal system as heels, ankles, knees, hips, and the lower back are brought into alignment. Workers in industries that spend a lot of time on their feet benefit from using orthotic shoe insoles. However, orthotic inserts for arch support are not limited to America’s workforce. The arch support has been found to be as effective for all types of people from every-day comfort seekers, to people looking for relief from something in particular. Pregnant women, older adults, athletes, and those recovering from an injury are typically more likely to seek out orthotic insoles. These individuals can now reap the pain relief and increase their mobility with the orthotic inserts designed to improve their posture.


Many front line workers prefer to use an arch supporting insole in order to prevent further pain and injury while working. Workers of all skill levels have found that using orthotic products is easy and they reduce pain immediately, which is important for occupations that requires so much time shifting weight around on their feet.


There are several benefits of pain relief for front-line workers in a traditional manufacturing setting. First, the workers need ergonomic arch supports that are specially designed to help keep their foot’s natural arch in place while they are in a stationary position. Also, workers who are on extended hours of work may find that they do not get the rest they need because of the constant pain that they are experiencing. The front line workers that these orthotics have helped are now reporting less pain and more ability to perform their job with improved comfort and productivity.


America's hard working people are always in a prime position to suffer from foot pain, often due to the repetitive nature of their job. Because of constant hard work and heavy lifting that occurs on a daily basis, workers must be careful about what pain relievers they choose to take and which ones they should avoid taking during their work day. Using PowerStep orthotic arch support insoles to relieve and prevent pain, they are now able to avoid relying on pain medicines.