The New Dynamic Ankle Support Sock by PowerStep®

Introducing PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock for ankle pain, injury and instability

DASS: Prevent Re-Injury, Relieve Ankle Pain & Instability

Staying active is difficult when you have a past ankle injury, nagging pain, or instability. The new Dynamic Ankle Support Sock by PowerStep, or DASS, offers an innovative solution for common ankle problems, providing an ultimate defense against ankle sprains, pain, and instability. Learn how our compression sock and ankle brace in one can help relieve common ankle problems and get you back on your feet.

Person pulling on strap to put on dynamic ankle support sock

Do Ankle Braces Prevent Injury?

Ankle braces are commonly worn to help with ankle pain and prevent injury or re-injury. They can also aid in healing by keeping your ankle stable and supported as you recover from surgery or a minor injury.

The problem with many ankle braces for sprains and other conditions is that most lack true support, feel too bulky or hot to wear, and can be hard to put on. Traditional braces either allow for too much movement while shifting around in your shoe or restrict all movement, causing general discomfort.

DASS has an anatomically correct design with premium support to provide a custom fit feel that allows only for healthy movement. It is both breathable and easy to put on plus fits inside your shoe.

Man playing basketball wearing Dynamic Ankle Support Sock

Common Ankle Injuries & Conditions

Not all ankle pain requires a diagnosis or doctor prescribed treatment. However, failure to resolve your ankle pain or problems with instability can lead to future injury. If a past ankle injury or problems with instability have you hesitant to return to your favorite activities, DASS provides an easy and reliable way to help with common ankle problems, including:

Ankle Sprains

A sprained ankle can happen to anyone during a variety of activities from an athlete playing sports to a person who trips and falls. Poor stability, alignment, and outer ankle pain are a few common causes. Typically, there are two types of sprains that a sprained ankle brace like DASS can help:

  • Inversion Sprain: Most ankle sprains are inversion sprains that happen when a person’s ankle rolls too far inward, overstretching the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Wearing an ankle support brace helps aid in healing by limiting movement and improving stability.
  • Eversion Sprain: Though less common, eversion sprains are usually more severe and occur when the foot twists outward, affecting the ligaments on the inner ankle. Unlike other ankle braces, DASS works as the best brace for ankle sprains because it helps protect against both inversion and eversion sprains.

Achilles Tendonitis or Rupture

Achilles tendon injuries are common in athletes, though they can happen to anyone. The Achilles tendon can become irritated from overuse or weaken with age, making it more susceptible to injury. Even foot conditions like flat feet and overpronation or chronic issues like arthritis and gout can put you at risk for Achilles tendonitis or other injuries.

Woman playing tennis while wearing Dynamic Ankle Support Sock to prevent injury

Achilles tendon injuries can be treated based on their severity with braces, straps and night splints, but most heal well with the help of a compression sock for ankle pain along with rest, icing and elevation. DASS has a compression sock base that helps reduce swelling and increase blood flow while the brace helps prevent reinjury with added stability and motion control.

Ankle Strains

Ankle strains are different from ankle sprains and usually less severe. An ankle strain happens when you overstretch or tear a muscle or tendon. Still, a strained ankle can cause you pain, swelling, and loss of range of motion. DASS helps reduce swelling as a compression sock and supports your ankle as you return to activities.


Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, or PTTD, is a condition that causes foot and ankle pain. PTTD is an overuse disorder in which the tendon connecting your calf muscle to the bones on the inner foot becomes injured or weak. This can negatively affect your range of motion, causing anything from severe foot and ankle pain to flat feet. DASS can help provide ankle pain relief as you work to strengthen the tendon and prevent re-injury in the meantime.

Chronic Instability

Chronic ankle instability happens when the outer ankle gives way repeatedly and with little control, leading to reoccurring ankle sprains. You might experience constant swelling or discomfort, pain, a wobbly ankle, and repeated twisting. Chronic instability of the ankle often develops from past sprains that were improperly healed. The muscles are still weak and balance has been compromised.

Featuring PowerStep’s trusted support and comfort, DASS is also useful as a stabilizing ankle brace. The flexible design molds to the shape of your foot for a soft, comfortable, and anatomically correct fit. Offering the perfect blend of flexibility and resistance, specially designed straps anchored at the heel lock the ankle into place to help prevent unwanted shifting.

How DASS Prevents Injury & Relieves Pain

The best ankle brace for mild to moderate ankle problems is a compression ankle brace like DASS. Rather than wasting time and money on taping your ankle daily or lugging around a bulky, hot ankle brace, DASS makes it easy for you to get the support and relief you need when returning to activities.

Unlike traditional ankle braces, DASS has a flexible design that is lightweight, breathable, and sleek so it can fit inside your shoe. While the compression sock helps reduce swelling and improve blood flow, the flexible brace and stability straps allow for safe, healthy motion and restrict only unwanted movement

 DASS helps prevent injury and reinjury while relieving pain by providing comfortable compression, support, and enhanced stability.

Supports Like a Brace. Wears Like a Sock.

What makes DASS so effective in preventing injury, alleviating pain, and boosting stability? There are three parts of the design that give DASS the support of a brace and the comfort of a sock:

PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock Compression Sock Base

Compression Sock Base – A sleek compression sock base offers graduated compression that supports the arch, promotes blood flow, and helps reduce swelling.




PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock Cage

Dynamic Ankle Support Cage - The anatomically correct molded ankle brace helps align the ankle while providing the support and flexibility needed for safe, healthy movement.



PowerStep Dynamic Ankle Support Sock Stability Straps

Ankle Stability Straps - Ankle stability straps hug the foot and ankle to prevent injury and improve stability with the perfect blend of flexibility and resistance.

DASS: The Best Brace for Ankle Sprains, Injuries & Instability

An effective ankle brace for sprains, strains, past injuries, and problems with stability, DASS uses PowerStep’s trusted support to get you moving with confidence. The all-in-one design is easy to put on and take off plus it is machine washable for every day, all-day use. Latex free, adjustable, and sized for either the left or right foot, DASS provides the ankle pain relief and stability you need to stay active.


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