Do You Work On Your Feet All Day? We Can Help! Find the Best Insoles for Standing or Walking All Day

Construction crew standing outside reviewing plan details for all day work

Orthotic Insoles for Work 

Orthotics and shoe insoles offer great benefits for everyone, not just someone who has Plantar Fasciitis or other foot ailments. They are especially useful in professions that require you to be on your feet for an extended period of time - such as a doctor or nurse, construction, someone in the service industry, or even a UPS delivery driver.

Medical illustration showing proper body alignment from shoulder bones to foot bones

Do Insoles Help with Back Pain? 

Many people don’t realize that their achiness comes from lack of support in their footwear. The alignment of your body starts with your feet, so your footwear can have a positive (or negative) impact on the rest of your body. If your feet and arches are not properly supported, that will cause misalignment in your knees, hips, and lower back - ultimately leading to aches and pains in all these areas! If you are walking or standing for long periods of time, the amount of force that goes through your feet is more than just your body weight.

Just because your shoes do not offer great support, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice pain relief! PowerStep offers dozens of specific orthotic insoles to relieve and prevent pain, which makes choosing the proper orthotic insole a bit more challenging. Many of our customers have previously consulted with a podiatrist or other healthcare professional and have been referred to PowerStep because we are the #1 Podiatrist recommended brand of insoles. If you have not consulted with a medical professional, the PowerStep Insole Finder will help you choose the correct orthotic insole to relieve and prevent your pain. Take our quick quiz to match the perfect insole.

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