Why Don't Comfortable Shoes Fix Arch Pain?

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Make Shoes Comfortable & Relieve Pain with Arch Support

Even if your shoes are the right size and have plenty of cushioning, they can still be the reason your feet hurt. Plantar fasciitis, which is the most common cause of arch and heel pain, often comes from wearing shoes without arch support.

Adding arch support inserts like PowerStep® orthotics is one way to make shoes more comfortable. Knowing what to look for in the best shoes for foot pain can help you relieve discomfort and prevent common foot problems.

Why do my shoes hurt my feet?

The shoes you wear daily are a key factor in your foot health. The wrong pair can result in painful bunions, aching heel pain and even back, knee and hip pain. Shoes that hurt your feet may be the wrong size, width or lack the necessary cushioning and arch support to properly absorb shock and support your body.

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Wearing shoes with little to no arch support puts stress on the ligaments, tendons and joints in the feet and lower body. This can create problems with alignment as well as inflammation of the tissue that runs along the bottom of your feet, called plantar fasciitis.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include stabbing heel or arch pain that gets worse after being on your feet for a while or when you first get out of bed. Many people find relief from everyday foot pain by wearing shoe inserts for heel pain like PowerStep Pinnacle insoles, the #1 podiatrist recommended insole for plantar fasciitis.

How Arch Support Insoles Can Help

Arch supports for shoes provide heel and arch pain relief by keeping the foot arch supported all day long and absorbing the shock of the ground on your feet. This helps limit excess stress on the joints and ligaments of the lower body, preventing and relieving pain.

PowerStep shoe insoles have a signature arch shape that provides anatomically correct support for all shoe types including high heels, walking shoes, work boots and more. Because not all feet are the same, we have options for every arch shape including insoles for flat feet and high arch insoles so you can get the exact support you need.

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The PowerStep Pinnacle insoles feature our trusted support, deep heel cup and dual layer cushioning to help improve comfort and stability while preventing abnormal movement. By distributing pressure evenly and supporting the joints in your feet and lower body, PowerStep insoles encourage healthy alignment for more complete relief.

What to Look for in Comfortable Shoes for Foot Pain

The most comfortable shoes for heel pain can be anything from orthopedic shoes to high quality running shoes. PowerStep orthotic footwear includes slippers and sandals that are the best shoes for plantar fasciitis because of our built-in signature support and cushioned heel cup.

When you need heel or arch pain relief, look for a pair of shoes that has the following qualities for comfort, support and fit:

  • Correct size: Your feet change shape and size as you get older, so it’s important to get fitted for the right shoe size regularly. If you have wide feet, you will need shoes with wide arch support to avoid that painful, cramped feeling.
  • Cushioning: Quality cushioning helps absorb the shock of every step, so you can avoid sore, aching feet, and potential injuries. For athletic shoes, you might want a running insole with energy-return cushioning for added comfort and protection.
  • Arch support: The shoes you wear should have some built-in support from the shoe’s structure. Consider replacing the original insole with arch support inserts when you need heel or arch pain relief.
  • Sturdy heel counter: The back of the shoe should have rigid heel and ankle support to keep your stride stable and absorb impact.
  • Firm midsoles: Your shoes should be flexible enough that they are comfortable to walk in but also firm enough they do not bend too much at the sole.
  • Roomy toe box: The toe box of your shoes must be wide enough to let your toes bend and move naturally without feeling pushed together. To help keep them separated, consider an insole with metatarsal support.
  • Outsole tread: Depending on the activities you do, the shoes you wear need the appropriate amount of tread or non-slip material to prevent from slipping and falling.

man placing arch support insole into black shoe while on the grass

Always try a pair of shoes on and test how they feel when walking before buying them. Remember, shoe sizes and structure vary by brand, making it even more crucial to try out shoes that look comfortable but may be missing something like arch support.

Other Tips for Relieving Arch & Foot Pain

When you have arch pain that makes it difficult to do normal, everyday tasks, consider seeing a foot doctor or podiatrist. Along with insoles for plantar fasciitis and the best shoes for heel pain, they may recommend treatments like:

  • Rest: Avoid activities that might stress the arch like running, stair climbing or playing sports until symptoms improve.
  • Exercises: Exercises for plantar fasciitis using devices like the UltraFlexx® Foot Rocker helps strengthen the arch to keep the condition from recurring.
  • Hot/Cold Therapy: A hot/cold therapy wrap eases inflammation, swelling and pain for targeted relief while resting.
  • Plantar Fasciitis Socks: Support sleeves offer slight compression with ribbed support that you can wear every day to reduce arch and heel pain.
  • Night Sock: The UltraStretch® Night Sock comfortably stretches the arch overnight to relieve morning foot pain and help speed up recovery.

PowerStep Insoles for Comfortable Shoes & Pain-Free Feet

Foot pain can affect anyone at any age, regardless of how well-fitted or comfortable their shoes may be. In many cases, the solution is simple. Relieve foot pain and make your shoes more comfortable by upgrading them with PowerStep arch support insoles.

Find the best insoles for your shoes when you use the PowerStep Insole Finder.


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