How to Support Your High Arches & Why

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Why You Need High Arch Support Insoles

A high foot arch height is a common issue that affects your foot function. Without proper support for high arches, it can interfere with your posture and cause a variety of foot health issues, including sprained ankles, difficulty walking, and supination. Wearing a proper orthotic shoe insert for high arches can help correct the problem and help you avoid injury or pain.

Keep reading to learn more about why you need high arch support and how high arch insoles like PowerStep® Pinnacle High help to improve foot function while preventing and relieving pain.

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What Does It Mean When You Have a High Foot Arch?

The arch of your foot is the space between the ball of your foot and your heel. Also called a cavus foot, high arched feet have higher than normal arches. You can find your arch height by taking an at-home test like the wet test or consulting a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis.

Comparison of a foot with a high arch (cavus foot) and a normal arch foot

Only about 20 percent of people have high arches, making it less common than flat feet or a neutral arch. While it is a normal part of the body, a high foot arch causes pain and can inhibit your walking and daily activities. If your foot is not healthy, it could cause long-term problems and sometimes disability.

High arches require specialized support compared to normal feet. The best way to treat and correct a high foot arch is wearing an orthotic insole for high arches. High arch insoles support your foot’s natural arch, providing both comfort and support while correcting problems with supination, which happens when your foot and ankle roll outward when walking.

Problems with High Arch Feet

High arches can lead to a number of problems affecting your feet and lower body. Your foot arch height can also contribute to a higher risk of injury. Fortunately, good supination insoles for high arches can minimize the potential problems. Common high arch foot problems include:

People with high arches often have trouble finding comfortable shoes that fit. The correct size shoe with proper support helps prevent injury. Finding shoes with high arch support can be hard. When shopping for a new pair of shoes, adding a pair of supination insoles will provide the support and comfort you need.

The arch height of your foot is one of the most important factors when running. If your foot arch is too high and is not supported properly by an orthotic shoe insole for high arches, it will lead to injury. Improper support affects performance, as well. A well-made orthotic insert will support your high foot arch and help you avoid injury.


The symptoms of a high foot arch depend on the severity of your condition. Depending on your arch height, the symptoms can range from minor stiffness to severe discomfort. For example, a person with a high arched foot may be more likely to experience chronic pain in the heel, while someone else may have trouble balancing.

The best insoles for high arches will prevent and relieve pain, minimizing your symptoms, improving foot function, and reducing your chance of injury.

How Insoles for High Arches Can Help

Insoles for supination provide firm arch support in a contoured design that complements the foot’s natural shape. PowerStep insoles for high arches are clinically proven to relieve and prevent high arch foot pain by stabilizing and balancing the foot. With targeted cushioning and a specially designed arch shape, PowerStep insoles support your entire foot from heel to toe.

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Our Pinnacle High orthotic insoles can help improve foot function, decrease pain, and alleviate common foot problems caused by supination. Custom orthotics for high arches can be pricey, which is why PowerStep offers several affordable orthotic solutions for high arches from heat moldable insoles to adaptable arch support.

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PowerStep Insoles: The Best Support for High Arches

High arch foot pain can greatly affect your quality of life. Fortunately, it is preventable and treatable with a quality made orthotic insert like PowerStep. If you do not have a high arch, a supportive orthotic for neutral or low arches can still help relieve and prevent pain. PowerStep insoles are the most effective insoles for supination, providing contoured support, enhanced stability, and improved comfort for pain-free feet.


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