PowerStep® Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Santa placing PowerStep insoles under the Christmas tree

The Best 8 Gifts for Foot Pain & Sore Feet

Sore, aching feet can make the most joyous time of the year feel like a pain. From standing on your feet for long hours to plantar fasciitis flare ups and back pain, PowerStep® has the ultimate holiday gift guide to give your mistle-toes the gift of comfort and relief with orthotic insoles, cozy slippers, and more. See our top gifts for sore feet and foot pain and spread the joy of cozy relief this Christmas!

PowerStep orthotic slippers under a Christmas tree

#1. The Best Slippers for Cold, Achy Feet

Everyone loves a great pair of Christmas slippers to warm their feet on those chilly winter days. Get them the best in comfort and relief with our newly designed PowerStep ArchWear™ Slippers. Now with a built-in orthotic insole, our orthotic slippers feature our trusted arch support complete with a cushioned midsole, non-slip traction, and luxurious faux shearling and faux fur lining.

The closed back provides a secure fit and a deep heel improves stability. They’re great for walking on cold floors and wearing around the house. Our Christmas slippers for women and men’s orthotic slippers make the ideal gifts for remote workers, homebodies, retirees, spouses, and everyone on your list. You'll want to wear these cozy arch supporting slippers all Christmas morning long.

PowerStep wool insoles on a cookie plate for Santa

#2. Wool Insoles for Cold Feet

Along with a pair of cozy house slippers, wool insoles with arch support are excellent gifts for cold feet, especially when the cold makes your feet hurt more. PowerStep Pinnacle Wool Insoles have an insulating wool fabric that regulates temperature while reducing perspiration for total comfort in all seasons.

These wool insoles come with our signature arch support, cradling the arch and heel, improving stability, and limiting stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons. Because they were originally designed for outdoor adventures, PowerStep wool insoles make smart gifts for hikers, winter walkers, people who work outside, family members with cold feet, and more.

Doctor Hoy’s arnica cream and natural pain relief topicals with holiday decorations

#3. Arnica Cream for Dry, Cracked Skin

Winter can be hard on our skin. Dry, cracked skin on your hands and feet becomes a pain when you have existing foot pain or conditions like arthritis. One of the best pain relief gifts, Doctor Hoy’s® Arnica Boost Recovery Cream uses natural ingredients to soothe rough, dry, and cracked skin while relieving inflammation. It’s nontoxic, paraben- and aspirin-free, and safe for children over the age of two. The 3oz tube is also TSA-compliant, making it the perfect holiday travel gift.

PowerStep bridge insoles with adaptable arch support

#4. The Best Insole for Everyone

Do you know someone who spends a lot of time on their feet or they’re constantly on the go? The all-in-one PowerStep bridge® Insoles have flexible and adaptable arch support with energy return cushioning that’s lightweight and effective at relieving sore, achy feet during everyday activities. Our bridge insoles provide comfort where it’s needed most and adapt to the foot for superior support and alignment.

Orange running insoles insole blue running shoes next to silver holiday decor

#5. Arch Support for Runners

For the active individual or weekend warrior in your life, PowerStep PULSE® Performance Insoles provide much needed arch support and shock absorbing cushion in athletic and running shoes. They’re designed to stabilize the foot and improve alignment which can prevent problems like overpronation when running and help reduce foot fatigue.

PowerStep PULSE Performance Insoles help safeguard against common injuries like shin splints or runner’s knee and relieve foot pain during all activities. They are terrific gifts for runners, gym goers, daily walkers, and friends or family who are making New Year’s fitness resolutions.

blue orthotic insoles surrounded by silver holiday decor

#6. Our #1 Insole for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis and back pain associated with poor alignment can put a stop to anyone’s holiday plans. Give your loved one the relief they need with PowerStep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles. The #1 podiatrist recommended insole for relieving and preventing plantar fasciitis pain, Pinnacle insoles offer the best arch support while improving alignment to reduce foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain.


With increased comfort and stability, our podiatrist designed orthotic insoles relieve everyday discomfort so you can enjoy the holiday traditions pain-free. Looking for gifts for back pain or need an insole for flat feet? Browse our full line of PowerStep Pinnacle insoles and discover the right support and relief for everyone on your list including PowerStep insoles for kids.

PowerStep heat moldable insoles with silver bow

#7. Customized Support for The Hard-To-Get-For

For the one who has it all, PowerStep Heat Moldable Insoles provide personalized arch support for an exact fit in all shoes. They’re the custom Christmas gift that’s more affordable and just as reliable as custom made insoles.

When you’re not sure what to get for someone, or you have a friend who’s a bit of a holiday Scrooge, these customizable insoles provide support, comfort and relief that puts a pep in the step of any Grinch.

#8. The Best Socks for Stocking Stuffers

FLAT SOCKS sock inserts inside a Christmas stocking

Before you turn your head at yet another pair of socks this Christmas, these socks are not your normal pair of holiday stockings. FLAT SOCKS are machine washable no show socks that you put in your shoe like an insert instead of on your feet. They’re nonslip and no stink with a moisture wicking barrier that keeps keep dry and shoes fresh.

The best gift for people who hate socks and an excellent stocking stuffer for teens, kids, and adults, FLAT SOCKS no show socks come in tons of fun colors and patterns including faux fur for cold feet. They provide cushioned comfort in all your favorite shoes and have a trimmable design.

Give the Gift of Comfort & Relief with PowerStep

Check foot pain relief off your Christmas list this year with the PowerStep 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. From the best Christmas slippers with arch support to gifts for back pain and sore feet, PowerStep has your holiday shopping covered. Looking for Christmas savings on PowerStep? Sign up for emails at the bottom of the page for info on our biggest holiday deals.