Which Insoles Do Podiatrists Recommend?

A pair of blue tennis shoes with PowerStep orthotic insoles inside

What are the #1 Podiatrist-Recommended Insoles?

When you have foot pain and want to use an insole for relief, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the best orthotic insole on the market. Often, people look to medical professionals or even influencers for their top recommended insole.

To help make the process easier and get you the relief and comfort you deserve, PowerStep® is the #1 podiatrist-recommended brand of orthotic insoles. With 90% of users having less foot, knee, or back pain within two weeks, PowerStep insoles offer support plus relief that’s proven to be the best.

Keep reading to find out how adding an insole to your everyday shoes can help and which insoles podiatrists recommend for conditions like plantar fasciitis and more.

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What are insoles?

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), insoles and shoe inserts go inside your shoes and are designed to support and comfort your feet. Orthotics and insoles can be made of plastic, foam, gel, and other materials.

PowerStep vs Other Insole Brands

Many of the shoe inserts you find at grocery stores or pharmacies cushion your feet, which may provide some relief, but not all of them help correct the biomechanical issue causing your pain. PowerStep orthotic insoles are different because they’re made to prevent and relieve foot pain while supporting healthy alignment.

illustration of an unsupported foot vs a foot supported with PowerStep insoles

With our signature arch support, premium cushioning, and deep heel cup, PowerStep insoles cradle the arch and heel for added stability, comfort, and motion control. They help take the stress off your feet, ankles, joints, and tendons plus help prevent or manage biomechanical problems like overpronation or supination.

Designed by a podiatrist, Dr. Les Appel, PowerStep insoles are a great alternative to custom orthotics, costing you less and providing relief sooner. Browse our variety of orthotic insoles online where you can shop by condition or shoe style and discover the best orthotic insole for your needs.

Do podiatrists recommend insoles and why?

The APMA recommends using insoles for support, comfort, and relief from various painful foot conditions. In fact, orthotic insoles that support alignment like PowerStep can also help alleviate knee, hip and back pain.

Podiatrists use orthotic insoles to treat problems like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, tendinitis, and more. Many clinical studies have shown that orthotic insoles prescribed by podiatrists significantly reduce foot pain and help with foot function.

Do you need a prescription for orthotic insoles?

Not all insoles require a prescription. For example, podiatrists recommend prefabricated orthotics like PowerStep Pinnacle insoles that you can buy online. On the other hand, your podiatrist might suggest prescription or custom orthotics for specific conditions.

female podiatrist holding black shoe with blue orthotic insole inside

Our PowerStep ProTech® orthotics are exclusive to medical professionals, and you do need a prescription to buy them. Click here to learn more about PowerStep ProTech orthotic insoles.

The Insoles Podiatrists Recommend Most

At PowerStep, support for your feet means support for your entire body. Our insoles offer reliable support paired with superior comfort to encourage healthy alignment and prevent and relieve pain.

Clinically proven and professionally recommended, here are the best insoles podiatrists recommend for common foot ailments:

PowerStep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles

PowerStep Pinnacle® Orthotic Insoles

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain. Podiatrists often recommend our PowerStep Pinnacle insoles specifically for plantar fasciitis pain. These orthotic insoles for heel pain can be worn daily for cushioned relief plus support.

PowerStep Pinnacle Plus Met Orthotic Insoles

PowerStep Pinnacle Plus Met

Aching, burning, or tingling ball of foot pain affects the area between your arch and your toes. In addition to arch support, PowerStep Pinnacle Plus Met insoles have a metatarsal pad that supports the balls of the feet. They are the ideal shoe insoles for Morton’s Neuroma, metatarsalgia, and general ball of foot pain.

PowerStep Pinnacle Wide Fit Orthotic Insoles

PowerStep Pinnacle Wide Fit

Having wide feet can make it hard to find a supportive insole that fits. PowerStep Pinnacle Wide Fit insoles are specifically made for wide fit shoes. Stiffer arch support helps reduce pressure, providing comfort, pain relief and prevention from problems like overpronation. 

PowerStep Pinnacle Low Orthotic Insoles

PowerStep Pinnacle Low

People with low foot arches or flat feet need an insole with the right kind of firm yet flexible support. PowerStep Pinnacle Low insoles are orthotic insoles for flat feet that offer anatomical support and stability for people for low or fallen arches.

PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Insoles

PowerStep Pinnacle MAXX

Flat feet may overpronate, where the feet and ankles roll too far inward, which often results in pain. Podiatrists usually recommend corrective orthotics like PowerStep Pinnacle MAXX insoles for overpronation. They help keep the feet from rolling inward, improve stability, and prevent conditions caused by overpronation.

PowerStep Pinnacle High Orthotic Insoles

PowerStep Pinnacle High

People with high arches have a hard time finding the right level of arch support. PowerStep Pinnacle High insoles are orthotic insoles for high arches that are clinically proven to relieve and prevent high arch foot pain. They help stabilize and balance the foot to prevent problems like under pronation.

PowerStep PULSE Running Insoles

PowerStep PULSE Running Insoles

Insoles for running shoes can relieve foot pain and reduce your chance of injuries like shin splints or runner’s knee. PowerStep PULSE insoles were designed by runners, for runners to provide the same podiatrist-recommended support in an athletic insole.

Which insole is best for standing all day?

Whether you are standing on a hard concrete floor in a warehouse or working retail as a cashier, being on your feet all day long can cause significant foot, knee, and back pain.

PowerStep bridge® insoles are the best insoles for standing all day. With adaptable arch support and energy return cushioning, they help relieve foot pain from standing so you can work comfortably. Browse our collection of work insoles to find insoles for work boots, dress shoe insoles, and more.

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Choose PowerStep Insoles for Podiatrist Recommended Support

PowerStep orthotic insoles are clinically proven to prevent and relieve foot pain from a variety of foot ailments. That’s why we are the top recommended insole by podiatrists for conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Find the best orthotic insoles for you with the PowerStep Insole Finder. Want to learn more about what makes PowerStep the best? Check out our Why PowerStep page for more information on our podiatrist recommended arch support inserts.


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