Running to Lose Weight? Why You Need Running Shoes with Arch Support

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Weight Loss and Arch Support for Runners

When exercising to lose weight, anything that makes running easier and helps you stay motivated is a huge plus. Putting arch support insoles in your running shoes can help reduce fatigue, prevent injury, and make your run smoother.

Heavier runners can struggle with compressed arches and pronation, so they need running insoles with rigid support. Find out how running shoe inserts like PowerStep® PULSE® Maxx insoles provide the support and comfort you need on your weight loss journey.

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The Role of the Arch

The anatomy of the foot is a complex system of muscles, bones, and tissues. When you walk or run, the part of your foot that’s called the arch acts like a springboard. With every step, it absorbs the impact of your foot hitting the ground, distributes your bodyweight, and propels you forward. Therefore, it must remain flexible and supported.

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Being overweight can cause health complications because your body, including your feet, is not built to carry excessive weight without discomfort. This pain can affect your feet, knees, hips, and back, making it hard to move around so losing weight is more of a challenge.

Your Arch Type & The Support You Need

Too much weight puts stress on the feet, which can be painful and result in a collapsed arch or flat feet. Not everyone who is overweight has fallen arches, but it can increase your risk of developing common foot problems like poor alignment, overpronation, and plantar fasciitis.

Many podiatrists recommend orthotics for heavier people who need more support during physical activities. How much arch support you need and what kind of running shoes you should wear depends on your arch type:

  • Flat feet and low arches may overpronate, or roll inward at the ankles, and need low arch support and cushioning to control motion and reduce pressure.
  • Neutral arches require medium support that promotes healthy alignment, treats mild pronation, and cushions the foot.
  • High arches need high arch support and cushioning to help with stability and prevent supination, or when the ankles roll outward.

The easiest way to find your arch is to take our Arch Height Test and use our Insole Finder to discover the best arch support insoles for runners of all arch types.

Why Arch Support Matters for Overweight Runners

Running is a full body sport that burns a lot of calories, making it one of the best ways to lose weight. When you run, you put between two to three times your bodyweight on each foot, so arch support is especially important for running when overweight.

Woman placing orange running insole into black shoe

Some running shoes have built-in support and cushioning, but this may not be enough for your arches. The best way to get shoes with the right support is to use running insoles or orthotics like PowerStep PULSE Maxx insoles.

Having arch support in running shoes can help with the following:

  • Relieves and prevents pain with the perfect balance of comfort and arch support.
  • Improves comfort with soft, springy cushioning that absorbs shock.
  • Protects against injuries by reducing the impact on your feet and lower body.
  • Reduces fatigue and takes the stress off your feet for a comfortable, efficient run.
  • Provides stability with a deep heel cradle and flexible arch.

The Best Arch Support Insoles for Runners

What makes PowerStep PULSE the best orthotic insoles for running is our signature arch support that’s clinically proven to relieve and prevent pain plus our ShockAbsorb™ premium foam. This high-performance cushioning bounces back with every step, absorbing shock to reduce stress on the feet and improve the comfort of your stride.

When you need support for running when overweight, check out our collection of PowerStep PULSE insoles featuring these top three insoles for heavier runners:

  • PULSE Maxx Support insoles: With the most rigid shell, an angled heel post, and shock absorbing foam, these arch support insoles for flat feet and running hold up to the increased compression of heavy runners and help prevent overpronation.
  • PULSE Performance insoles: Runners with neutral arches get the most out of their run with firm but flexible arch support, a stabilizing heel cradle and premium cushioning.
  • PULSE Plus Met insoles: Having high arches may increase your risk of problems like ball of foot pain, so this insole with a metatarsal pad is key to relieving forefoot pain while running.
person holding running shoe with orange arch support running insole inside

All runners can benefit from wearing athletic insoles with arch support. PowerStep PULSE insoles were designed by runners for runners to provide the perfect blend of comfort, support and stability while reducing fatigue and preventing injuries.

Tips on Choosing Running Shoes for Heavier People

When you start a running routine, one of the first things you need are running shoes with good arch support. Running shoes for overweight individuals should have ample cushioning to help reduce fatigue and prevent beginner workout injuries. Other features you should look for include:

  • Removable insoles: Replacing your original insoles with arch support insoles for running ensures you have the support you need for your arch type.
  • Stability features: Runners with medium arches and mild ankle pronation can wear stability running shoes with slightly stiff ankles and a firm midsole.
  • Motion control: If you have low arches or flat feet and overpronate, look for running shoes with motion control features like stiff ankles for improved stability.
  • Wide toe boxes: Especially if you have wide feet, you need running shoes with wide toe boxes for a comfortable push off.
  • Non-slip tread: Running shoes with good tread or non-slip features help prevent fall injuries and sprains whether you’re running on the treadmill or outdoors.
orange running insoles in navy blue running shoes

Lose Weight and Support Your Feet with PowerStep PULSE

Losing weight is good for your overall health, including the health of your feet. Running insoles like PowerStep PULSE Maxx insoles support your feet to help prevent and relieve pain so you can stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey.


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