12 Summer Activities for Healthy, Pain-Free Fun

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How to Stay Active in Summer with Foot Pain

With warmer weather and longer, sunnier days, summer is a great time to get outside and be more physically active. If you have foot pain, however, it can make summer activities harder to enjoy. Don’t let plantar fasciitis or ball of foot pain keep you from having fun in the sun with your family. Learn more about how you can stop foot pain this summer with PowerStep® and the following fun summer activities.

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Why is it important to stay active in summer? 

Boosting your physical activity in the summer has a long list of benefits from building bone and muscle strength to bettering your heart health. You can also reduce your risk for conditions like obesity and type 2 diabetes as well as improve your sleep quality. Did you know that being more active in the summer can help minimize foot and joint pain, too?

The colder months can be harder on your joints as surrounding air pressure drops and the soft tissue in your joints expands, building pressure where you might already have swelling. This can make winter activities difficult. Warm weather invites less pressure on your joints, making it easier to be active. More physical activity means greater flexibility and increased muscle strength, leading to less inflammation.

By strengthening those painful joints in the summer when it is easiest, you can create less winter joint pain and benefit your overall health.

Do your feet hurt in hot weather?

There are many reasons why your feet might hurt more in hot weather. Foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and neuromas can result in inflammation that makes moving or walking hard. Spending more time on your feet can also lead to more aches and pains. Wearing shoes that make your feet hot and sweaty can result in painful issues like blisters or athlete’s foot, too.

While you might be able to resolve hot and sweaty feet with a good pair of orthotic sandals, you still need something to help relieve and prevent pain from common foot ailments. PowerStep orthotic insoles and sandals have premium cushioning and a patented arch shape that delivers trusted support to relieve and prevent pain while increasing foot function.

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Is plantar fasciitis worse in summer?

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot condition and, luckily, PowerStep is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand for plantar fasciitis pain. Because people are more active in warmer weather, plantar fasciitis can get worse in summer. You might even develop the condition for the first time. Going barefoot or wearing flip flops without support can put extra strain on the ligaments in your feet, as well. ArchWear™ orthotic sandals are the best summer shoes for plantar fasciitis because they have PowerStep’s clinically proven support and the breezy, comfortable fit of a sandal or flip flop.

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Ways to Prevent Summer Foot Pain

Whether you have pain from flat feet or struggle with heel pain from plantar fasciitis, you can prevent foot pain in summer by:

  • Stretching: Before any exercise, you should always stretch your feet and body. Stretching warms up your muscles and joints to help prevent injury. Stretching devices can be useful for those who need extra help. 
  • Wearing orthotic inserts: Not all orthotic summer shoes can be flip flops, so slip PowerStep insoles into your running shoes or walking shoes for increased support, cushion, and stability during all your summer activities. 
  • Practicing good foot hygiene: Proper foot care like regularly cleaning your feet and wearing shoes that fit can help you avoid a range of issues from rashes to infections and more.
  • Avoiding going barefoot: While it may be tempting to not wear shoes in the summer, your feet need support and cushion to protect your muscles, tendons, and joints from the hard ground. 
  • Wearing sunscreen: If you plan on wearing sandals or other shoes that expose your feet, be sure to apply sunscreen to the tops (and even the bottoms) of your feet. Sunburnt feet can make walking painful and be unsafe for your health. 
  • Using natural topical pain relievers: When you have mild to moderate foot or joint pain, topical pain relievers like Doctor Hoy’s that use natural ingredients can help relieve pain and keep you moving. 

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12 Summer Activities for Adults & Kids

If you have aching feet or joint pain during summer, using PowerStep orthotic insoles in your shoes or wearing orthotic sandals can help relieve your pain so you can get outside and be more active. From fun family activities for summer to making movement a part of your daily routine, here are 12 summer activities for healthy, pain-free fun:

  1. Walk daily – Daily walks are extremely beneficial for your health. Consider taking a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood every evening or inviting a friend for a walk in the park. Just be sure to wear walking insoles in your shoes.
  2. Go hiking – An affordable and fun way to enjoy nature alone or with your family, hiking is much easier when you have a hiking insole that helps you avoid foot fatigue and prevent hiking injuries.
  3. Start a running routine – With a good running insole, you can prevent foot pain and adopt a beginner’s running routine. Run your first race with our Couch to 5K program or stretch out your goals with a 12-week half marathon training plan.
  4. Take a trip to the beach – It is summer after all, so why not take a vacation or a day trip to your local beach? Spend some time barefoot in the soft sand, but wear your orthotic sandals as you walk along the beach.
  5. Hit the golf course – Golfing is a great low impact activity that can create fun, family-friendly competition. Take the kids for a few rounds of miniature golf or practice your swing at the club and wear ¾ insoles for the best insoles for golf shoes.
  6. Join a pickleball team – Ideal for those looking for organized physical activity, pickleball is gaining in popularity across the U.S. Try this fun, racquet sport with a friend or spouse and wear PULSE® insoles to help avoid injury.
  7. Go cycling – Get off the stationary bike and head outside for some cycling. You can even use it as an opportunity to teach your youngest how to ride a bike. Just avoid overly busy roads and wear the right insoles for cycling.
  8. Cool off and swim – Swimming is another low-impact exercise that’s particularly good for alleviating joint pain. The water relieves weight-bearing pressure on joints to make it easier for you to move.
  9. Use your green thumb – Gardening or yardwork can be fun for the whole family. Teach the kids how to pull weeds and let them play in the sprinkler as a reward. Practice proper lifting techniques for bags of mulch or soil, and wear sandals or shoes with insoles for support as you work.
  10. Visit local attractions – Take the grandkids to the zoo, have fun at the county fair, or go to an open-air museum for some local fun. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and orthotics like PowerStep Pinnacle insoles.
  11. Try yoga – People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from yoga. This low impact activity improves flexibility, strength, and balance, all of which are important for your overall foot health.
  12. Go to the market – Summer is the best time to go to the farmer’s market for produce like fresh berries, melons, zucchini, and other fruits and veggies. Having a healthy diet full of rich nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can help contribute to healthier feet.

Save going to the gym for the winter and enjoy the warm, sunny weather while it lasts. Just remember not to work your body too hard, since the goal is to be proactive about your foot pain – not cause further damage. 

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Stay Active & Pain-Free with PowerStep®

When you have sufficient support and cushion for your feet, it’s easier to stay active during the summer despite painful foot conditions. With PowerStep insoles and orthotic sandals, you can relieve and prevent foot pain while getting the most out of your summer. Check out our insoles for kids, too, so your little one can be active and pain free during summer sports and play.


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